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New Mobility - DC under control

For tomorrow’s mobility solutions

Powerful lithium-ion batteries are currently the most common battery type used for electromobility. Schaltbau’s DC contactors play a key role within the safety circuit: They reliably disconnect in case of failure and therefore ensure galvanic isolation between the battery and the rest of the vehicle’s electrical system.


Video - Our electromobility solutionsHigh-voltage contactors for the mobility of tomorrow


High-voltage contactors for the mobility of tomorrow

High-power battery systems are used in vehicle with electric drives. DC contactors from Schaltbau play a key role here in the BDU (Battery Disconnect Unit). It isolates the high-voltage battery from the high-voltage network along with all the electrical components of the vehicle in the event of danger.


DC contactors in battery test stations 

The development of new batteries and battery management systems requires exhaustive tests and validations – particularly with regard to safe functionality. Battery systems for electric vehicles are tested for the purpose of quality assurance at battery test stations at the end of the production line. Schaltbau contactors must switch currents of up to 480 A safely when charging and discharging the battery.Safety for your application


Safety for your application

Our sales engineers are experienced professionals who work closely with our developers and design engineers, and they are well-versed in all branches of industry relevant for electro-mobility. This know-how forms the bridge between customer requirements and product realization. In this way, our customers always enjoy the support of an expert who can offer qualified advice, ensuring the right solution for every application.

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Safe disconnection of high voltages in e-vehicles

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