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Moving together

Arteche is all of us who work in the company, for the company and with the company. This is so because we are the ones who make all its facets come true every time we deal with a customer, when we approve a new product and when we launch a press release.


Proximity and commitment

Local presence
On-site presence
Respect for commitments
Rapid response
Search for solutions
Listening, learning and supporting the customer


Professionalism and a shared vision

Commitment to the company project
Commitment to people
Sharing knowledge
Working together to achieve common goals
Taking on challenges
Solving problems where they arise


Ambition, transformation and new challenges

Innovative ambition
Systematic search for opportunities
Not conforming to what is established or obtained
Working with others to transform knowledge


Continuous improvement and achievement

Immediate correct action
Ambition to meet the highest standards of quality and efficiency
Continuous improvement
Aspire to an excellent corporate reputation

The products:

High voltage instrument transformers

Power Voltage Transformers

Protection of mixed overhead-underground lines

Digital Instrument Transformers

Trip, supervision and auxiliary relays

IEC Medium Voltage Instrument Transformers

IEEE/ANSI Medium Voltage Instrument Transformers

Medium voltage sensors

Railway relays

Secondary injection test blocks

Substation automation systems

Distribution Automation Controllers

Power quality for grid connected Renewables

Capacitor banks and harmonic filters

Reclosers and switches

Power Grid Services

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