Junction boxes for tunnel lighting
Schaltbau M series connectors safely connect tunnel luminaires
7 March, 2023 by

Connectors M1 Series

Road tunnels are critical infrastructure. It is often taken for granted that everything in them functions perfectly. But failures resulting from technical faults could put road users’ safety at serious risk. It is therefore a requirement for tunnel lighting that each luminaire is individually fused, so that in the event of damage only one luminaire fails, and power continues to be safely supplied to all the others.
A junction box for creating a fused branch with uncut conductors up to 50 mm² (Cu) was specially developed for this purpose. A socket using Schaltbau M series connectors is fitted to the cover of the box. So if a fault occurs, it is simply a case of pulling out the plug for the faulty luminaire and replacing the lamp. There is no longer any need, as would otherwise be usual, for technical personnel to unscrew the cover of the junction box and specially disconnect the lamp.

What tasks do M series connectors perform in tunnel lighting?
They are fitted as power sockets in tunnel light junction boxes, and as cable connectors on the luminaire connecting leads.

Why Schaltbau M1 series connectors are used here:
Tunnel luminaires and their connection technology are exposed to harsh environmental conditions caused by daily tunnel traffic, which they have to resist. Because of aggressive salt spray, brake dust and soot particle contamination, special cleaning methods are used, which M series connectors can withstand without problems. They are dustproof and water pressure tight, and resistant to aggressive liquids and vapours.

Other features for this application:

  • Operating temperature range from -50 °C to +100 °C
  • Functional threaded coupling with protection class IP67 / IP69K
  • Rugged shell

Connectors in junction boxes for tunnel lighting

M1 – Circular Modular Connectors
4 and 6 pole connector with PE