Replace contacts instead of crimping
The replacement insert for the UIC 558 connector allows all socket contacts to be replaced in seconds, significantly reducing maintenance costs.
7 mars, 2023 par

Connectors UIC 558

The UIC 558 VE connects control lines for door, public address and lighting systems from carriage to carriage throughout the train. Since these connections are safety-relevant, the socket contacts have to be replaced periodically. But replacing individual contacts costs time: the individual wires in the cable have to be detached from the old contacts, and the new contacts crimped on. Then all connections require testing – an extremely time-consuming process for maintenance teams.

Replacement insert for socket contacts
To solve this problem, Schaltbau has developed a receptacle for the UIC 558 that has a replaceable insert. As a result, it is no longer necessary to replace the socket contacts individually. The maintenance technician simply places a new contact insert onto the crimp adapter. This only takes a few seconds, and it also eliminates the laborious testing process. The replacement insert reduces maintenance costs to a minimum.

What are the features of the UIC 558?

  • Easy to use, with break-away function (non-destructive separation in accordance with UIC 558)
  • Replacement insert with socket contacts implemented on both sides
  • Crimp adapter with pre-assembled pin insert
  • Direct in-situ replacement
  • No need to rewire the rail vehicle
  • Electrical testing not required

UIC connector for safety applications 

UIC – Inter-car jumpers to UIC 558 VE
Railway connectors for the remote switching of lighting and doors as well as for announcements