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Charging boxes and charging stations with a different functional range belong to our offer with our partner SEDLBAUER AG. We offer you, dear B2B and B2C customers, a complex range of innovative wallboxes, charging stations and system components for the private, semi-public and public sector.

The charging stations are completely in-house developed, produced and certified in compliance with currently valid norms (e.g. IEC 62196, IEC 61851).

  • The “SLIMBOX” is one of the smallest 22 kW charging boxes in the world. It is ideal for wall mounting in the garage or on the (solar) carport. The lock is made by means of removable key switch at the bottom of the box.
  • The C CHARGING STATION “E-TOWER” is an AC charging station with an output power up to 22 kW (400 V, 32 A). Manufactured in compliance with current DIN standards. Including software for consumption data collection and billing.
  • The MOBILE CHARGING STATION named the “JUICE BOOSTER 2”is the world’s smallest and safest mobile charging station. It works on any power connection with a minimum possible charging speed.

We provide you with a complete solution from the project planning, development and construction to production and service.

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