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A German company with a worldwide reputation and with subsidiaries on all continents which offers:Schaltbau_logo_W

–       High quality connectors for industry, transportation and telecommunications
–       More than 700 models of snap-action switches to comply to the most severe safety requirements
–       Industrial contactors (multiple poles) up to 1000V
–       DC contactors up to 160V for battery-powered vehicles and UPS
–       AC and DC High Voltage contactors up to 3000V and thermal current up to 800A
–       And more specifically for the railways sector

. HV underfloor cabinets with disconnecting and earthing devices
. voltage selector for multi-system railway vehicles
. emergency brake handles
. master controllers for tramways and subways
. fuses, heating devices,…
. dead-man switches
. mirrors, footrests and control panels
. specific projects.

Moreover, we also promote the products of the other companies of the Schaltbau Group like :

–       Doors systems and well thought-out boarding aids sets (BODE)
–       Platform screen doors, folding step doors and signaling technology (PINTSCH BAMAG)
–       Sirens to alert the population.

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