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Langlade & Picard

A French manufacturer of resistors and relays.Langlade_logo

–       CarbOhm

The industrial CarbOhm varistors have an ohmic value which decreases substantially when           voltage increases (overvoltage is thus immediately reduced). They can absorb a large       quantity of energy in a very short time and withstand thermal shocks. They can be      connected in various series/parallel forms in order to have a suitable assembly for each     application.

–       SilOhm

The SilOhm fixed load resistors are ceramic resistors, which conduct throughout the whole          body. They are elaborated from silico-aluminates and carbon baked at high temperature.        This ceramic-type process makes the self-inductances of this material negligible. They have    a large transient energy absorption capacity and are able to withstand very high power for        very short periods. According to the ohmic value range, they are produced in different          forms : tubes, rods or discs.

–       Wirewound resistors

Langlade et Picard offers a complete range of fixed and adjustable wire-wound resistors, covering a large scale of power dissipation (from 3W to 1KW and more). They are available           in different types of coatings adapted for all applications in heavy industry : vitreous,       cemented or siliconed resistors.

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