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Decatel distributes and installs fast and smart charging stations that can charge the battery of ANY electric vehicle.

Our terminals are differentiated by their charging speed (22kW at 230V or 400V), their technical quality, their attractive customization options, such as contactless payment or through QR code, their remote management via an App and by optimizing the load, especially if you have solar panels at your home or workplace.

A solution exists for each customer profile: Large and medium-sized companies, non-merchant, professionals and individuals.

It is of course possible to obtain a quote for a personalized offer that will meet all your needs, with our cutting-edge team on the field.

Our range of electric charging stations

Decatel presents different models of terminals manufactured in Belgium by POWERDALE to be classified into four categories:


A modular charging solution ready to follow the evolution of electromobility.

A device that can adapt perfectly to your emerging needs:
• charging speed: from 3.7 kW to 22 kW
wall or post mounting
1 or 2 connector(s)
• with or without connectivity
• with or without screen to control access
• with or without badge reader
• wide choice of interoperability options (OCCP, Modbus)

The Advance terminal is equipped with several intelligent options and remote monitoring capacity such as:
• load management
• cost management: it allows you to give free or paid access to your visitors.
• optimization of parking spaces
• remote monitoring
• integration of green energy

Thanks to the quality of its components and the various maintenance services provided by Powerdale, this charging infrastructure has total reliability.
Technical specifications: ADVANCE-PRODUCT-SHEET-EN.pdf

The most complete residential charging device.

The Nexxtender HOME is a wall-mounted electric charging station with a power of 22 kW that takes into account local energy production, residential consumption and your energy rate.

The Home is equipped with two smart charging modes:
Max mode: Charging mode allowing you to take advantage of the maximum power of your electrical installation at any time and in complete safety. This mode adapts the power delivered according to all residential consumption (kitchen, laundry, air conditioning, etc.).
Eco mode: Charging mode allowing you to take advantage of solar energy (or any other local energy production) and adapt your charging power according to your energy rate (peak hours and off-peak hours). This mode also guarantees absolute electrical safety.
Its use can be viewed on or personalized from your smartphone with the Nexxtmove Application or from a PC/laptop.
The terminal is supplied with a 7 meter cable and a type 2 plug (European standard).
Technical specifications: spec Home-En

The most cost effective solution for hybrid vehicles.

Two models for optimal charging speed:
• Mobile Black (single-phase) with a charging speed of 2.3kW – 10A (about 10 km/h).
• Mobile Red (three-phase) with a charging speed of 11kW – 16A (about 50 km/h).
Two charging speeds based on your home energy consumption.

Recharge at home, at work or elsewhere with your mobile. No specific installation is required, an intuitive pairing process is enough. Connect the cable and you’re done, wherever you are.
Technical specifications: spec MOBILE_en


The Cluster is the most advanced charging solution for large car parks and condominiums.
• Economical & scalable
• Central power terminal, separated from a maximum of 16 charging points in a car park
• Progressive extension possible according to needs

Several access modes:
• Open mode: no identification or authentication required
• Nexxtender App: for registered users (for private or public charging points), simply scan the QR code on the charging point
• Access: RFID badge, contactless

Smart & safe:
• The Cluster is designed for intelligent and slow charging (>= 4h) to take into account both the energy needs of buildings and those of drivers.
• Its strong point is safety since there is no voltage at the charging point when the charging device is not in use.
Technical specifications: CLUSTER – PRODUCT SHEET-EN

Commercial sheet and free quote on request: info@decatel.be
Powerdale https://www.powerdale.com/fr


The JUICE BOOSTER 2 is the world’s smallest and probably the safest 22kW mobile charging station. It works on any electrical connection with minimum possible charging speed.
• Allows charging from single-phase to three-phase sources, with powers from 1.4 to 22 kW, and currents up to 32 A. Under ideal conditions, you could have a full charge in 3 to 4 hours.
• IP67 waterproof, rolling resistant, usable from -30 to +50 degrees, maximum safety.
• Thanks to numerous country-specific adapters, it is versatile all over the world.
• A lockable wall bracket is sold separately. For travel the JUICE BOOSTER 2 can simply be removed from its holder with the handle.
• An extension cord can be inserted between the charger and the appropriate adapter and is available in lengths of 5 or 10m.
• A security lock (combination padlock) protects the mobile charger against theft
Technical specifications: Mobile Charging Station

The JUICE CHARGER 2 is a connected and fixed 22 kW charging station compatible with all electric cars with a Type 2 or Type 1 charging socket.
• You can charge in single-phase or three-phase, in 11 or 22kW, up to 32A.
• This station is equipped with a light 3 meter cable to facilitate handling.
• Its 100% stainless steel case is elegant, robust and easy to clean
• SmartJUICE components and a MID meter are included in the terminal
For this product, we provide you with a complete solution from project planning, development and construction to production and service.
Technical specification: Juice Charger 2

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